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Wedding Coordinating Service Details

Services Available Prior to the Wedding Day

  • Unlimited communication throughout the planning process.

  • Vendor recommendations and wedding planning guidance.

  • Discuss and create a personalize and detailed wedding day timeline.

  • Venue walk-through four to six weeks prior to the wedding to review all planning details.

Services Available Day of the Wedding

  • Coordinate the ceremony rehearsal.

  • Setup provided decorations including centerpieces, ceremony decor, and backdrops.

  • Provide communication among vendors, the wedding party and wedding guests.

  • Your wedding coordinator will be your main contact to provide a stress-less, relaxing wedding day!

  • Provide an emergency wedding kit.

  • Move gifts and cards to a secure location.

  • Clean up and organize decorations at the end of the night.

Groom kissing his bride on the forehead. Bride is holding a bouquet of roses.

Wedding Coordinating


Also known as "Day of Coordinating", Wedding Coordinating offers unlimited communication throughout the wedding planning process and unlimited hours on the wedding day to ensure every part is stress-free and wonderful.

This service allows you and your family and friends to enjoy the wedding day without having to think about details such as decorating, timelines, communication with vendors, and clean up.

Every wedding is different and requires different tasks of your wedding coordinator, such as providing cues for when the bridal party should walk down the aisle, when and where to move the gifts and cards, and which vendor should talk to during the inevitable last minute detail change.

The possibilities are endless with how your coordinator can assist in making your wedding day worry-free, relaxing and amazing!

Clean Up Service


You may have every detail figured out from the timeline to the centerpieces to dessert for your wedding and do not require the need for a full day wedding coordinator! Unavoidably, the end of the day comes and someone needs to box up the vases and leftover dessert. This service is perfect for the couple who does not want to worry about rushing to clean up or ask family or friends for assistance at the end of the night. Your clean up coordinator will arrive towards the end of the night to box and gather up all items, making the end of your wedding day as seamless and simple as possible.

The clean up service is automatically included in the wedding coordinating service!


Hourly Wedding Consultation


A wedding consultation meeting offers personalized guidance on any aspect of your wedding planning, from venue selection, timeline creation, decoration details or an overall review of where you are at on your wedding planning checklist. Whether you need a quick brainstorming session or detailed advice, the flexible hourly consultations ensure you receive assistance tailored to your needs. A wedding consultation is perfect for someone who is not in need of a wedding coordinator (maybe your venue provides a coordinator!) or it is not in the budget (trust me, I understand!), but would love some extra assistance during wedding planning. With over a decade of wedding industry experience and a passion for wedding logistics, let me alleviate your wedding planning stress with a one hour consultation meeting!

Fun fact! These services are automatically included in the Wedding Coordinating Service!

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Timeline Creation

Online wedding templates are a great starting point, but every wedding timeline is different! During a wedding timeline creation meeting, we will design a seamless schedule tailored to your specific wedding plans and vendor requirements. From getting ready in the morning to vendor exit at the end of the night, we will go through all of the details to customize the perfect wedding day timeline for you. This meeting typically takes an hour (plus some extra time for additional planning questions at the end).

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Wedding Planning Check List

Once all of the big details are checked off the list (venue, photography, catering, DJ, etc), wedding planning can feel overwhelming or leave couples wondering what they should be focusing on next. Together we can review your wedding planning checklist to go over what you have completed, what you could be focusing on now, and what details are coming up so you can stay on top of wedding planning!

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Wedding Guidance

A personalized wedding guidance meeting offers advice, recommendations and support to help you navigate through the planning process. Questions could be about budget management, vendors, invitation timelines, decoration details, tipping suggestions, the ceremony processional order or who should be responsible for the marriage license on the wedding day! Whether you are just starting the planning process or seeking assistance with fine-tuning your plans, a consultation meeting to discuss your questions and ideas can help you navigate through planning and feel more prepared on your wedding day.

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